The Droid war has been going on for years. On one side, Theos. A technology company surged to power with their breakthrough AI, now controlling the planet‘s most valuable resources. On the other side, The Community, a ragtag rebel group determined to bring Theos down.Savage Droids Lore


More than 3700 Droids were burnt!

Consisting of over 12 unique parts. The current road map consist of 2 steps already in motion, there is no correlation to sales, we are building this already.


x 10


x 4


x 1


x 13


x 13


x 6

Neck Base

x 2


x 7

Chest Plate

x 8


x 3

Holo Display

x 1

See the Droids upclose in hi-res SVG splendor. Can be printed out to poster size without loss of quality. Get an SVG image for your Droid

Six original art pieces, 1/1. These are the super rare Savage Dog leaders of the Droid armies.



Phase 1 starts now with 8,888 Droids, soon to be followed by Phase 2. This is just the beginning of a vast Savage Droids story world.

Phase 1:
Droid Activation

Choose a faction and mint some of the 8,888 Droids available.

Phase 2:
Upgrades & Fusion Chamber

The fusion chamber is where you recombine your Droids, pillaging the best materials from your weaklings to trick out your winner. Rinse and repeat.

Material Transfer:

You’ll select two of your Droids for the fusion chamber.

Materials are transferred to the Droid of your choice, downgrading the weaker one. Objects are not transferable. You'll still have 2 Droids.


2 Droids enter the fusion chamber, only 1 Droid leaves. You’ll be upgrading your materials. This is how you’ll unlock the next level above Titanium.

The Savage Droids continue to unveil its story and connection to the Savage Dogs Universe.