A century-long war has left both sides in a precarious situation. Huge battles between Droid armies are now just stories that scare children at bedtime.

Theos, a technology company turned empire, has lost its way. The core leadership has transitioned into a religious cult, worshipping the remains of their creation: The Great Machine.

Once devoted to protecting free will and rationality, The Community is now considered a terrorist group, struggling to keep the fight alive. With few members and fewer resources, their tactics have become more violent in an attempt to send a strong message to the capital.

The Droid graveyards on the city’s outskirts extend for kilometers. They now serve as a black market where civilians from both factions exchange body parts to improvise homemade service Droids.

In a forgotten bunker located in the Theos Capital, a mysterious group works in silence. The System Engineers are the last of their kind. Stripped of vocal cords to protect confidential information, they managed to bring a small section of the Great Machine back online, allowing for the first technological breakthrough in decades: Material Transference.

The machine that holds this new technology is called the Fusion Chamber. It unlocks the ability to reactivate and upgrade deprecated Droids, giving Theos an important advantage over the rebels.

The Community’s spies, however, have managed to steal a copy of the blueprints. They work in secret, away from enemy eyes, to build their own machine.

Droids are being upgraded on both sides, and a new war is inevitable.